‘Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children are born into stories of their family, culture and Country. They carry with them the Songlines of their ancestors and culture, passed down by generations. Their dreaming is part of our history, while their futures are their own to shape’. The date 4th August was historically used to communally celebrate the birthdays of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children who were taken from their families at a young age, without knowing their birthday – the stolen generation. (2022, SNAICC).


Participation was high this year ,after a 3 year pause due to Covid19, with 7 preschools, 6 kindergarten classes and over 100 Family Day Care children – a total of 370 children under the age of 7, plus Macksville High School students, Early Years Educators, teachers, and families celebrated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children’s Day.

On Friday 5th August, those that were brave enough to face the rain, took delight in Uncle Ritchie Donovan’s athletic games at our Mini Olympics event held on the Buz Brazel oval ,Scotts Head.

For children who didn’t want to get too wet, made fabulous sock puppets, turtles out of wool and put on Aboriginal symbolic tattoos. Nambucca and Macksville Woolworths joined in the fun keeping everyone hydrated with bottles of water and fuelled with a choice of fresh fruit.

It was a drizzly rainy day – but we all had such fun connecting face to face again. Ready Set Go – Lifetime Connect with the support of Nambucca HIPPY, were delighted to be able to go ahead with this annual event for the Nambucca Valley early years community.