On Wednesday, 4 September, staff at Nambucca Family Day Care marked Early Childhood Educators' Day by surprising each of their 21 dedicated educators with a bouquet of locally-grown wildflowers.

Flowers were delivered to educators throughout Dorrigo, Bellingen and the Nambucca Valley to say thanks for the hard work they do each day.

"It was our way of saying how much we appreciate them, and thank them for the wonderful job they do," supervisor Prue Cooper said.

"They're the ones in the frontline - they're doing all the wonderful childcare. They are fantastic educators that do a brilliant job and we're proud of them."

The national day recognises and celebrates the work of Australia's educators in early learning services for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care.

Prue said the surprise received a lot of very emotional responses.

"Some cried. Many had actually never received flowers before and they didn't have a vase to put them in. So next year we'll have to buy vases to go with the bouquets."

- Mel Leigh Dee

Original article: https://www.nambuccaguardian.com.au/

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