Lifetime Connect Book Hunt

Lifetime Connect Ready Set Go launched a book hunt for all Nambucca Valley families with young children. Ready Set Go values reading to young children because it develops early literacy skills – sounds, words and language. Reading ignites imagination and creativity. Reading to your child also helps small brains to develop. All sorts of things can be learnt whilst reading such as communication, the difference between what is real and what is imagined, children learn to focus and listen, and they can develop their social skills.

All over the Nambucca Valley in random spots like at the park, in a supermarket trolley, next to a tree or on a picnic table you may be lucky to find a book in a plastic bag ready for you to take home and read to your little one. Once you have read it, twice or a hundred times, you then have the option of re-hiding the book you found or keep that book and hide one of your own books for another child to find.

To keep the Book Hunt going, we need everyone to re-hide a book. And to make it even more fun – post a photo of finding the book or re-hiding a book, with or without you and your child in the photo – that’s up to you.

That’s for participating and good luck!

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