Nambucca Valley Family Day Care Lunch Maker journey started on the 3rd August 2022.

Our children and educator’s are participating in Mid Waste and the NSW Government’s Love Food Hate Waste – Lunch Makers Program.

We are looking forward to sharing our journey on the 10 week program with you as our children learn to cut down on waste, save money and of course help the environment.

Our Educators’ have been provided with initial resources and information on how to implement the program within their Family Day Care routines and curriculums.

So far our children’s experiences have been rich with play based learning as they explore plant lifecycles, using technology to research educational clips on how plants grow and produce food, look at healthy food options including lunchbox play – packing a healthy lunchbox, dramatic play cafe and using sorting bins to understand sustainability.

Educator’s have also used daily routines such as watching the garbage truck collect the rubbish and having discussions about recycling.

Watch this space over the next few weeks to see what else our Lunch Makers have been up to.