Last year, on 25th October 2019, Nambucca Valley hosted its first Reclaim the Night march.

Reportedly the first ever ‘Reclaim the Night’ march was held in Rome in 1975 to protest against a rise in reported rapes. In April 1977 ‘Take back the Night’ marches against sexual harassment were held across towns and cities in West Germany. The UK started ‘Reclaim the Night’ marches in Leeds, where in 1977 the Yorkshire Ripper consistently evaded hapless police whose unhelpful advice for women was to only stray outside if strictly necessary.

From then on ‘Reclaim the Night’ became a global movement empowering women’s rights to be free from violence and stand together in strength.

"Violence against women is a whole of community issue, the more you question or challenge it, the more you change community attitudes.

The march is a show of our community strength and a collective demand for freedom from violence and harassment. We all have the right to feel safe at night, no matter where we are, what we are wearing or if we are walking on our own," as stated by Ms. R. Bell (Women’s Health CNS 2 | Educator Domestic & Family Violence Prevention) in the Wauchope Gazette in October 2019.

Due to COVID restrictions Family Support Service supports Reclaim the Night this year by putting together a video which includes information, stories and solutions. This video will be available soon on our YouTube channel.

Lifetime Connect Family Support Service, and Victims of Crime support ph. 6568 1474

National Sexual Assault, Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service – 24/7 call 1800 737732

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