LIFETIME Connect Inc is an approved NDIS provider offering community participation to increase community inclusion for people with disability along with many other services that assist you to remain independent in your home.

GARRY has been with the NDIS for almost a year.

He had an acute stroke in 2015.

It has taken some time to establish routines and use the services provided effectively but it is increasingly beneficial.

Lifetime Connect support worker Danielle spends about 12 hours a week with Garry and has helped him with his exercise routine which in turn has assisted him to cope with his disability.

Garry’s thinking and belief in himself are evolving due to Danielle’s positivity and understanding.

His confidence is growing, and she brings sunshine into our house every day.

He has started to do some cooking again (with her help and at her suggestion) and is seriously thinking about recipes and the such which he can use.

This resulted in him exploring the internet with purpose and it is a great skill to foster.

Danielle has given us many wonderful ideas about how to rework the bathroom in the house and she will be extremely beneficial in getting Garry ready to move into our house when it has been refurbished to support his needs at this time in his life.

Her experience with providing quality and consistent care has given Garry confidence and she challenges his thinking.

She knows what to say to get him to open up and discuss his feelings and thoughts and is genuinely interested in what he has to say.

They have developed a great rapport. His NDIS plan has enabled this to occur.

Danielle has prevented some difficult discussions about how much he moves, and what he eats etc.

Garry is trying different things through the trust and rapport that they have developed.

It is imperative for Garry to look forward and not back at what he has lost, and this assistance, both financial within his NDIS Plan and through her expertise has enabled this to occur.

Due to the nature of his stroke, having a support worker is crucial, and having a settled routine and positive outlook are essential to his improved wellbeing and mental health.

His mental health is paramount and it has improved considerably as a result of the flexibility within the management of the plan and the coordination of his social and community supports with Lifetime Connect.

Thank you, Danielle and thank you also to the NDIS for providing us with this help.

Coffs Coast Advocate 31 July 2019

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